The best love letter of all time

Happy Valentine’s Day.

For everything it could mean, to me it purely means a celebration of love, which is definately something we should do every day. But if this is a special day to celebrate love (in all forms), I think that it’s worth a tribute.

I had no idea that I would feel the way I did when I came home the other night and this love letter was on my bed.

I had no idea that your grown child telling you they are proud of you can fill your heart in such in way that it’s like growing. That your heart can get bigger. That no matter what all of this means to her, or how my raw heartbreak affects my ability to get past the fog of my own grief to always notice hers, she loves me with such simple beauty that my heart expands.

You my darling biggest girl are truly one of the most beautiful (inside and out) people that I know.

And here’s what she wrote:


You are the one person in this world who has never given up on me, even when I was more than deserving and even when I had given up on myself.

You’ve been saying a lot that you have wonderful friends, and you do, but that is only because you are the most wonderful friend of all.

I hope you’re not worried about being sad around me, because I learn so much from you every day, sad or not.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I was so lucky to get you as my mother. Even with your very broken heart you make me so very proud.

I hope that one day I grow up to be somebody a lot like you

See you in the morning for coffee

All my love always, (my biggest girl) XXX

I can not wait until she has a daughter who one day writes her a love letter so she gets to feel her heart expanding, like it does each time one of them is born and she realises you don’t have to make room for more, it just grows to fit them in.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is worth celebrating.

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