The understanding dishwasher man

So I’ll fess up the beginning – the understanding dishwasher man and the condescending dishwasher man are the same guy. I may have been a little hasty in my judgement, or perhaps in the 18 months since he was last here, he’s mellowed. Or I’ve improved as a dishwasher owner? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about see The condescending dishwasher man.

The dishwasher man came today, to fix a part that had burnt out, some cable thingy that runs between the drawers. He explained it all really nicely last time (the first time I’d seen him since the whole condescending thing) and I wondered if he was the same guy, because he looked a lot the same, but his attitude was different. I thought for a while perhaps his employers like a particular model of man. However today realised he is DEFINATELY the same guy). Today he came back and repaired it without even speaking to me much, except to smile brightly and say “It’s all done”. I must admit, I felt a little shame faced.

The other part of the puzzle is that he went to school with my ex-husband, and until TODAY I don’t think he actually understood that we have been separated for years. Which probably explains why another time he was here (one of the condescending times) he jovially asked about my ex, and I thought he was being a smart ass.

Today when my ex came to pick two of the girls up, it all fell into place for him, and in that moment I saw his understanding, and every last little bit of condescending-ness I ever thought of him fell away.

It’s going to make it so much easier to call him next time. Although I hope it doesn’t break again anytime soon. It cost $383 for a cable repair and an epiphany. His not mine. OK mine too.

Sometimes we don’t always know the full story when we tell it.

4 Comments on “The understanding dishwasher man

  1. Love it Fleur!! Epiphanies all around. A wonderful reminder of how much our minds ‘make up’ for us! xxx

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