When you change everything changes

I’m so excited at the moment. It’s like every little thing in my life that I hoped for, dreamed of, wished for, thought of just lined up in some way and I’m carrying this little buzz that’s kinda like nervous, a tiny bit like anxiety, but mostly just like “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I”M EXCITED”. I could have had one too many cups of tea (caffeine can have the same effect, although it tends to go after about half a hour and I’ve had DAYS of this!!).

Perhaps it’s because I’ve started a blog and I get to talk about all the things I want to no-one in particular, instead of having the little conversations in my head. Perhaps it’s because when I broke my heart and got such a shock that I could feel as crappy at 37 as I did every other time, I decided to have a look at why and found out some really powerful stuff about my beliefs and the way I was letting them drive my experience. Perhaps it’s because I signed up to start Boot Camp next week, and have to get up at 5.30am three days a week and really I just feel  a bit nervited/excitous about getting up in the freezing cold, dark, wintery weather and getting my fitness goals challenged!

Or maybe, in combination, it’s because I can see I can do something to share with the world, and I finally am OK if no-one reads it or likes it, and I changed what I believed about myself and other people by doing a bit of discovery on beliefs, and getting fit is actually really empowering. I really don’t like the personal trainer kicking my ass, or feeling like vomiting after a PT session, so I have added determination to get fit so it feels good. Apparently that does happen.

So I believe, that when you change EVERYTHING changes. Your experience is different, the way you feel about yourself is transformed, and you notice something more in all the people around you. I do hope my excitement can be kept at appropriate level, because it is a bit OTT at the minute, but I’m guessing three 6am floggings next week will probably tone me down a bit! Or not…..Exciting isn’t it?

6 Comments on “When you change everything changes

  1. You go girl!!! your awesome and an inspiration. Im really going to enjoy reading your bloggs.

    Does this mean we dont have to talk as much?? Hope not!

  2. I too am excited about boot camp … although I am going to protest loudly in between coughing up my lungs on the foreshore in the freezing cold Gero winter morning xo

  3. You should seriously think about writing a book, very talented with words! Made me get over how crappy I was feeling after doing yoga in a 38 degree room, new crazy sport I started tonight. Didn’t think I would go back but you have inspired me with your blogs. Too always wondered what a blog was!!

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